A short film I recently scored 'Puff' has been selected for Frightfest and will be showing at Leicester Square Cineworld across the weekend of 27th August.

Congratulations to @zarasymesfilm and the whole team who were all a pleasure to work with.


Inspired by the theme 'The Five Senses’, a young pregnant woman dealing with anxiety and a constant sense that she is in danger struggles to get a good night sleep.

Made in participation with the BFI Network x BAFTA Crew scheme.

Starring: Victoria Emslie / @monhublot & Sam Benjamin / @sambenjaminnow
Writer/Director: Zara Symes / @zarasymesfilm
DOP: David Cawley / @davidcawleydop
Editor: Chloe Kilby / @chloe.kilby
Composer: James Warburton / @jameswarburtonmusic
Production Designer: Qingling Zhang / @qinglingart
Sound Designer: Ines Adriana / @_inesadriana_
Colourist: Vanya Tomova / @vanya.colour
HMUA: Lily Simmonds / @lilysimmonds_mua
Producer: Jasmine Morrison / @jasminmorrison, Zara Symes / @zarasymesfilm

An amazing atmospheric, dystopian folk-horror short film that I recently scored.

(Please note: since release there has been an ongoing scriptwriters credit dispute, which the crew were unaware of when working on the film. If anyone has an issue with me hosting the film here, please just contact me directly on email, thank you)

Quote from the Directors:

“James captured organic sounds from the trees, branches and rivers of his local forest, stretching and distorting them through old tape decks to create a sense of the forest “breathing.” We quickly felt we both trusted James implicitly and allowed him the creative freedom to find the film’s voice and elevate the tone” 

Memories of A Memory

Voices, memories and synths through a Revox reel-to-reel tape machine.

Industrial Processes On Natural Sounds

Everything in this piece is created from slowed down and stretched acoustic instruments, processed field recordings and analogue synths all distorted through tape and tubes.


The horror short film ‘Huntsman’ created with other members of the BFI x BAFTA Crew scheme, utilising a series of natural field recordings that I took on location that were then manipulated and processed to help build the rhythmic and textural elements of the soundtrack.